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Cruising up the California Coast

Thursday, March 31st, 2011
By Robbie of

Robbie & Allen

In our first series for Pink Choice, Allen and I will be providing details of what we call our “engagement-moon”, the trip where I popped the question “Will you marry me?”.  With Allen having no idea where we were going (it was a surprise!) we hopped in the car and headed north up the California coast making stops along the way.  The first stop was the landmark resort, Madonna Inn on California’s central coast.

The Madonna Inn

We didn’t spend the night here, but they do have amazingly themed rooms from “Caveman” to “Hearts & Flowers” and other rooms such as “Antique Cars”, “Imperial Family”, and “Matterhorn.”  So then why stop at the Madonna Inn?  For starters you can take a trip back in time to, well, maybe your grandmother’s dining room but at a whole new level.  Or check out their wine tasting room.  Or grab a bite at the Bakery & Pastry shop.  But a visit to Madonna Inn isn’t complete without a peek inside… the restroom!  That’s right, if you do anything on your drive up the California coast you have to stop and take a pee break at Madonna Inn.  There’s no urinal here, there’s a waterfall!  Walking up triggers the waterfall to activate so not only does the sound of water rushing help get you going but it cleanses too!

Check out our next blog when Allen will be discussing why we were told to beat it (its a real thriller) and where to find a great combination of nachos, cocktails, and a California coastline view.
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Pink Choice introduces our newest bloggers: Robbie & Allen of!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Robbie and Allen

Robbie & Allen of contacted Pink Choice about their current crusade: to become the first LGBT couple to win a national wedding contest.  We had our doubts at first, but these boys are the real deal!  They’ve entered the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest to enforce the message of marriage equality and have climbed out of the 4,000+ entrants to be in the Top 10, currently in 7th place!  While other LGBT couples have entered, and Pink Choice wishes them all the best, Robbie & Allen have pulled ahead of the pack and are clearly the front runners to represent the LGBT community.  We invite you to read their entry, fall in love with their story (Robbie wasn’t out, had seen Allen online over the years, and finally “winked”!), and place your vote!  Plus, Robbie & Allen will be dishing all the dirt on places to travel in California from their “engagement-moon” to worldwide destinations fit for a honeymoon or vacation.  Help us welcome Robbie & Allen by visiting their website and casting your vote for marriage equality today.