Pearl’s Rainbow in Key West goes Co-Ed!

Pearl’s Rainbow has for many years been the only guesthouse in Key West offering lesbian only accommodation. Now it has decided to open its doors to men, and anyone else who cares to stay there. According to Heather Carruthers, owner of the resort, the policy change was a business decision based on the current tough economic climate. She had also received requests from some of her female guests to have their male friends join them for Thanksgiving.

Whilst it is commendable that Pearl’s is embracing greater diversity, it will be interesting to see whether this turns out to be a sound business decision. Will men, who have enjoyed the high sexual temperature of some of the all-male guesthouses in Key West, suddenly opt to sit round the pool at Pearl’s guesthouse with a mixed clientele, especially when the resort is not clothing-optional? And how will the regular female guests feel about their private paradise being invaded? We will look forward to receiving some guest reviews on how the change pans out.

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