How gay is Palm Springs?

It seems that which ever way you look at it Palm Springs is very gay! Mariecar Mendoza who covers the cities of Indian Wells and Palm Springs for the Desert Sun, has written an interesting article trying to assess just what percentage of Palm Springs residents are gay. Anecdotaly, a figure of 40% has been banded about by gay business owners and the city’s tourism marketers, but the recent census which collected information on same-sex couples, suggests the figure is higher, perhaps as much as 60%, and this may be missing single gays and lesbians who might have provided inaccurate information.

Community Marketing Inc’s 2010-11 Gay & Lesbian Tourism Report ranks Palm Springs No. 3 behind Las Vegas and San Francisco in marketing the city to gay and lesbian tourists.

There is a huge number of gay and lesbian hotels, guesthouses and resorts to choose from and Pink Choice lists 37 of them. The Hacienda at Warm Sands, Triangle Inn and INNdulge are three of the properties that Pink Choice currently recommends.

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