Gay travelers preparing for Provincetown’s Jungle Fantasy!

Carnival will soon be hitting the narrow streets of Provincetown when this year’s theme for the gay and lesbian business guild, ‘Jungle Fantasy’, kicks off with a week of celebrations on August 15Provincetown Gay Carnival 2010.

Here are some of the highlights of the week:

Sunday, August 15 ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Opening Party.

Monday, August 16 Carnival Jungle Jam Pier Dance and Jungle Fantasy Costume Contest

Tuesday, August 17 Carnival Jungle Heat Dance Party

Wednesday, August 18 Carnival ‘Forget Tarzan, Jane loves Jane Dance Party’ and ‘Latin Fever’ at Club Purgatory.

Thursday, August 19 Carnival Parade

Friday, August 20 Carnival Drag Brunch and Monkey Business Closing Party

Carnival week in Provincetown is the one event that packs the town to capacity with gay and lesbian travelers, and families who flock into town from other vacation spots on Cape Cod. Estimates have it that up to 80,000 people line Commercial St for the annual parade, and if you’ve seen the width of the street, that’s a lot of people! Many of the gay and lesbian guesthouses and other businesses in Provincetown enter floats in the parade which runs the full length of Commercial Street, and lasts several hours.

The Provincetown Business Guild lists all the events, but to whet the appetite, here are a few pictures from previous carnivals.

Provincetown Gay Carnival

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