Choosing a Gay-Friendly Destination

We were at a party recently where a guy who had recently come out asked where he should plan his first gay vacation. Over the next half hour friends chipped in suggestions to help narrow his search.

What kind of vacation do you want?

It comes down to things like do you want high energy or relaxed; city or country; beach or mountain; culture or adventure. Then it’s about choosing a destination where you can relax and feel safe as a gay person. More and more vacation destinations list gay event calendars where you can see what’s happening at different times of the year and plan to be part of the action or to stay when things are a little quieter. It’s like deciding whether to stay in Provincetown during Carnival Week in August along with thousands of other gay men or after Labor Day when the crowds have thinned, and the sexual energy is a little lower but there’s still plenty of things to do.

Where can you find good information?

Stating the obvious – online. There’s so much out there now that you can check destinations detailing neighborhoods, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, bars, clubs, attractions, saunas, beaches etc all from the safety of your laptop.

Where should you stay?

Finding the right accommodation in terms of location, price, amenities offered and most importantly, whether it is gay friendly couldn’t be easier. Pink Choice provides great information about accommodation options. Here you can read reviews written by other gay travelers of their hotel experience in places marketing to the LGBT community. Also talk to other gay men and ask where they vacation and where they stay.

What should you ask before you book?

Be upfront and simply ask “are you gay friendly?” or “How often do gay men stay with you?” or “Will my friend and I be able to sleep in the same bed?”. These may seem odd questions to ask but you often hear of horror stories when gay men arrive at a hotel only to experience snide comments from staff or other guests, or are offered two twin beds rather than the king bed that they reserved. Yes it still happens even in the 21st century! Better to be up front before you book rather then discover homophobic attitudes once you’ve arrived.

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