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Don’t be afraid of on-line travel reviews

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Many hotel owners fail to understand the impact on-line reviews can have on their business. Like it or not, the majority of gay and lesbian travelers research destinations and lodging options before they make their vacation plans. On-line travel reviews are here to stay, and savvy hotel owners can use this to their advantage to generate reservations with little or no advertising expense.

Pink Choice is a highly visited site for members of the LGBT community looking for accommodation options worldwide. Guest reviews are what Pink Choice is all about, but surprisingly some hotels that have signed up to be listed on the site do not follow up by encouraging their guests to post reviews. Pink Choice members coming to the site are unlikely to spend time looking at listings lacking reviews but instead will browse those hotel listings that offer guest feedback.

So why are some hotel owners reluctant to encourage guest opinions? Many just haven’t got themselves organized to mention sites like Pink Choice to their guests, or haven’t set up systems to send thank you emails to guests after they have stayed, including with them a link to the review site. Some are afraid of what their guests might say, but the fear of receiving a negative review should not be a barrier to the solicitation of guest feedback. If a guest has a bad hotel experience, he or she will almost certainly tell friends about it, and the damage is done. Far better that they post a review, and the hotel owner is made aware of the aspects of their stay that were not satisfactory. That way, valid criticisms  can be addressed, and a previously unseen problem can be corrected. Pink Choice, like a number of other review sites also allows property owners to respond to individual guest reviews, be they good or bad.

Pink Choice offers yet a further reason why property owners should encourage their gay and lesbian guests to post reviews on the site, namely the Pink Choice Awards. These awards are presented annually to those properties providing the very best in guest services based on the reviews and ratings of their guests. Every time a review is posted the property is featured on the Pink Choice home page, and as reviews accumulate the property can become eligible to receive one of the awards. Pink Choice Awards are now widely recognized as a benchmark for the best in gay and lesbian lodging options worldwide, and the award winners receive a huge amount of free publicity.

Pink Choice announces the 2010 gay and lesbian hotel awards

Monday, January 17th, 2011

The 2010 Pink Choice Awards

Pink Choice  has today announced  its 2010 Pink Choice Awards, naming 22 gay and lesbian hotels wordwide as the year’s winners.

Throughout 2010, thousands of accommodation reviews were submitted to Pink Choice by its 9000 members. As a result, this year sees the largest ever number of award winners, based on these submitted reviews and ratings. Many previous winners have again made the list, and are joined for the first time by the Alcazar Resort in Fort Lauderdale, and Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury, Vermont.

In addition to the award winners, Pink Choice now recommends 162 properties in 20 countries worldwide. The site has grown steadily in 2010, and now, more than ever, Pink Choice reflects the opinions of global gay and lesbian travelers. With the site including more than 2000 properties in 700 destinations spanning 66 countries, gay and lesbian travelers today can enjoy a wealth of accommodation choices.

2010 has again demonstrated that while many of the well known LGBT destinations continue to attract large crowds, increasing numbers of gay and lesbian travelers are setting their sites further afield. This is in part due to a greater global acceptance of the gay and lesbian travelers, and the increasing trend of mainstream hotels to compete for their business. We hope that in 2011 our members will not only tell us about their good experiences, but will also let us know when any hotel falls short of its marketing promise. That way we can continue to help our members make the right accommodation choices.

Pink Choice congratulates the 2010 award winners, and all the other recommended properties.

And the winners are:

Aerie House & Beach Club, Provincetown, MA

Alcazar Resort, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Alexander’s Guesthouse, Key West, FL

Carpe Diem Guesthouse & Spa, Provincetown, MA

Christopher’s by the Bay, Provincetown, MA

Fairbanks Inn, Provincetown, MA

Gabriel’s at the Ashbrooke Inn, Provincetown, MA

Grand View Inn, Provincetown, MA

Inn at Cook St, Provincetown, MA

Liberty Suites, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lighthouse Inn B & B, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Moose Meadow Lodge, Waterbury, VT

Newnham Suncatcher Inn, Saugatuck, MI

Pineapple Point, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pride Lodge, Blackpool, UK

Revere Guesthouse, Provincetown, MA

Snug Cottage, Provincetown, MA

The Highlands Inn, Bethlehem, NH

Two Village Square, Ogunquit, ME

Villa Venice Resort & Spa, Fort Lauderdale, FL

White Porch Inn, Provincetown, MA

White Wind Inn, Provincetown, MA

For more information about the Pink Choice Awards and for a complete list of recommended properties visit the awards page on Pink Choice.

Pink Choice Awards set the standard for gay travelers

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

When it comes to gay and lesbian travel, there’s a veritable minefield of accommodation options, and many often turn out not to be the best choice. It’s no secret that the gay travel market means big bucks for the hospitality industry, added to which, gay and lesbian travelers have a higher expendable income, and tend to travel more frequently than their heterosexual counterparts. So, it’s not surprising that hoteliers and large hotel corporations see value in declaring themselves gay-friendly to get a slice of the cake.

In previous posts we have questioned exactly what gay-friendly means, and the recent coverage of the disastrous vacation experienced by two gays staying at the Gran Melia Resort in Cancun, booked through Expedia’s new gay-friendly hotel listings, highlights just how easily the label of ‘gay-friendliness’ can in reality mean homophobia. To add to the gay traveler’s difficulties, TripAdvisor has deemed it necessary to place many gay hotels in a hard to find section on the site under ‘Specialty Lodging’.

Pink Choice Gay Hotel AwardPink Choice was conceived and launched in 2006, because of the confusing information which was available, to provide gay and lesbian travelers with hotel reviews, written by people like themselves, as well as ratings, both good and bad, of their experiences staying in hotels which market  to the LGBT community. Based on these ratings, derived from the guest’s response to eight questions about the hotel experience, Pink Choice Awards are presented annually to those properties providing the very best in guest services. With more than 2000 hotels listed in 650 global destinations, Pink Choice provides its members with general recommendations ranging from award-winning properties right through the spectrum of guest experiences, to those rated the ‘Last Resort’ which should be avoided at all costs.

We believe that the Pink Choice awards and ratings provide the LGBT community with meaningful guidelines for planning vacations that will be enjoyable, and without any unpleasant surprises. We encourage all our members to tell us about their experiences by posting reviews about their hotel stays. By doing this, we can all benefit, and avoid embarrassing situations and disappointment.