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Gay Buenos Aires

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Buenos Aires has gained increasing popularity as a gay destination, largely due to recent liberalization laws which have supported gay and lesbian lifestyles. In 2002 same sex civil unions were approved, followed, in 2009, by the Argentine Congress approving a gay marriage law conferring full equal rights to same sex couples.

So, with an open minded philosophy, and with some of the feel of a European city, Buenos Aires can now be added to the list of up and coming gay detinations for LGBT travelers looking to vacation further afield from previously tried and tested gay hotspots.

The city with its broad-minded attitude doesn’t have a gay neighborhood as such. Instead, gays and lesbians socialize in the many cafes and trendy restaurants that populate the city. The districts of Recoleta, Barrio Norte, Palermo and San Telmo have a particularly gay feel, and are some of the safest areas of any major city in South America.

The city offers a wide variety of gay and gay-friendly accommodation ranging from apartments, guesthouses as well as the ‘straight-friendly’ Axel Hotel. If you have visited Buenos Aires recently, please tell us about your own experience.

Count down to the London Olympics and the Queen’s big bash

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Could there be more reason to visit London in 2012? How many more international events do you need to get on that plane to visit us? Yes we have the Olympics but we also have World Pride in June and July and the Queens’ Diamond jubilee celebrations. We can promise you parties, thrones, tiaras, jewels and the world’s most famous real life Queen. What more do you want?

To further convince you to make that trip to London next year I will be writing a bi –monthly blog on Pink Choice to whet your appetite. And while I’m at it I will be making it clear that it would just be plain rude of you not to visit Scotland, France while you are here.  No point coming all this way without doing Europe properly.

But lets start with London. In Britain all roads still lead to the capital.  I arrived in London as a 23 year old lawyer in 1987 from the northern English city of Manchester.  Bewildered, awestruck and innocent were my key features back then but London soon felt like home. 27 years later, London, is looking a lot better than me. It has come of age while also reinventing itself with amazing new contemporary projects like the Tate Modern and the London Eye. And all the time London’s public buildings like the British Museum, have been rebooting themselves with world class design.


Possibly the aspect of London that I am most proud of is its diversity. There are more languages in London spoken than in any other city in the world and remarkably everyone rubs along very peacefully. There are different quarters and districts which have been flavoured by different ethnic groups but it is all very integrated and open to all.

London’s gay scene is now huge. London has the biggest gay and lesbian community in Europe with an estimated population of 400,000 with numerous gay bars and clubs. London’s gay village – Soho – is still the epi centre of gay life. A strole down Old Compton street is a legal requirement for any self-respecting gay and lesbian visitor but today the gay community, and its influence has stretched into all corners of the city.

I recently asked some American friends who have settled in London why they have made London their home. They say that unlike any city in the world, with the possible exception of New York, that its people don’t judge and passionately celebrate diversity and eccentricity like no where else.  So there you are… come and be as queer as you like and we will love you!

So if you are thinking ‘umm maybe’ then look out for my next blog here on Pink Choice in two month time or my blog or my website for some of the best places gay friendly places to stay in London and Europe.

Simon Forrester

BBC3 looking for a lesbian couple to marry in “Don’t Tell The Bride”

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Renegade Pictures, U.K. is currently casting for its first exciting same sex female wedding for the BBC 3 series “Don’t Tell The Bride”.Up until now, this successful series has concentrated on straight couples. In each show a young, loved up couple is given the wedding of their dreams. But there is one big catch – the groom has to organise every single aspect of the big day. Until the wedding day itself the bride will know nothing of the arrangements – the ceremony, the venue, the guest list, the food or flowers. She sees the dress he’s chosen for her to wear only the day before! Will the bride-to-be cry with tears of joy or tears of sadness?

Now, the show is looking for a suitable lesbian couple. One of the pair will get £12,000 to organize the wedding but the other bride will know nothing about the plans until her wedding day. If  you and your partner think you are suitable and would like to take part contact and you will receive a bounce-back message asking for your details and a recent photo of you both.

Some happenings at Frog Meadow Farm in Newfane, Vermont

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Scott and Dave at the exclusively gay Frog Meadow B & B and Massage Oasis in Newfane, Vermont  are hosting a couple of events over the coming months, where all are welcome:

Saturday June 4
Spring Potluck Dinner

They invite you to come and see what Frog Meadow Farm is all about…make new friends and see old friends…as always, all are welcome! The wood-fired hot tub will be HOT HOT HOT, so they suggest packing a towel! They ask that you bring a dish of your choice, preferably made by you and not pre-packaged supermarket food. Since Frog Meadow does not have a liquor license this is a BYOB event. There is no charge for attending the dinner, just bring some food. You should plan to arrive anytime after 3:00, dinner will be at 7:00. RSVP’s are appreciated. Please email Scott and Dave at or call 877-365-7242 if you would like to attend, and to get directions.

Saturday July 23
BBQ Fundraiser to Benefit The Southern Vermont Aids Project and the Men’s Program

Scott and Dave invite you to join them for a fun filled afternoon of good food, lawn games, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, at their July BBQ fundraiser! The $35 per person charge will go towards supporting the Southern Vermont Aids Project with their important work of HIV prevention and services to those living with HIV. The Men’s Program is committed to the building a community of Gay, Bi and transgender men in the greater Brattleboro area. This will be a BYOB event.

New levels of guest service at Casa Cupula

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Casa Cupula, one of Puerto Vallarta’s premier gay resorts recently announced that Chef Oscar Rito has signed on as the Restaurant’s new Executive Chef.  This award winning Chef brings his extensive training and experience in Mexico and Europe to Casa Cupula’s new restaurant, ‘Taste’.  He plans to complement Taste’s current menu of four regional cuisines (US, Mexican, Asian and South American) each available in “Taste” portions, with Spanish dishes.  New gourmet dessert flights will bring new levels of taste sensations to exceed diner’s expectations.

“The basis of many schools of cooking is from Spain, before Nouvelle cuisine, and my teaching is from masters of Spanish cooking,” said Chef Rito. “Taste will express every sense of the palate with these fundamentals, as I create combinations that will reach the peak of pleasure for our clients with every bite.”  Rito will be offering new Spanish dishes for the next several weeks to determine new favorites for the menu.

In Europe, Rito served in several Michelin 3 Star restaurants including what is considered by many as the world’s best restaurant “El Bulli” under Chef Ferran Adria in Catalonia Spain, as well as in Amsterdam, and San Sebastian Spain.  He graduated from the Culinary Institute of Mexico in Puebla in 2001, where he won several awards in international competition.

Before coming to Puerto Vallarta, Chef Rito was Executive Sous Chef at the Fiesta Americana Grand in Los Cabos, and at NH Hotels in Puebla and Mexico City. He is Chief Instructor at the Instituto de Gastronomia FrancoMexicana, and founded doing catering and events in Puerto Vallarta. His new residence at Taste is a great fit:  international boutique tastes in an international luxury boutique hotel.

“As one of Puerto Vallarta’s greatest boutique hotels, Casa Cupula has inspired my imagination to try new textures and colors” reported Rito. “Like Casa Cupula, nothing conventional or boring, and a great challenge in my career to explore in the palate of each guest, with respect for every taste.”

One of Chef Oscar Rito’s greatest pleasures is in the creation of desserts.  He describes his as “creative but with rules for execution.  Sweet, but with respect for the flavors.  Dessert is a key part of a great meal.”  Instead of one large dessert, Rito plans to offer several flights with different tastes in each.

Taste is open for dinner from 6pm-11pm Monday to Saturday.  A gourmet breakfast and lunch menu are available from 9am-5pm under the continuing direction of Executive Chef Jose Luis Ponce. And, for the first time, Casa Cupula’s legendary Sunday Mimosa brunch is open to the public from 10am to 2pm. Enjoy a mellow brunch inside, or work on your tan poolside and stay for an afternoon pool party.

Hours: Monday-Saturday Breakfast 9am-noon

Lunch 12-5, Dinner 6-11

Sunday brunch 10am-2pm, Sunday Pool Party 2-6pm

Visit Taste on the web at for more information and online reservations.

If you have stayed at Casa Cupula, Pink Choice would love to hear about your experience. It sounds as though it might be mouthwatering!

Cruising up the California Coast

Thursday, March 31st, 2011
By Robbie of

Robbie & Allen

In our first series for Pink Choice, Allen and I will be providing details of what we call our “engagement-moon”, the trip where I popped the question “Will you marry me?”.  With Allen having no idea where we were going (it was a surprise!) we hopped in the car and headed north up the California coast making stops along the way.  The first stop was the landmark resort, Madonna Inn on California’s central coast.

The Madonna Inn

We didn’t spend the night here, but they do have amazingly themed rooms from “Caveman” to “Hearts & Flowers” and other rooms such as “Antique Cars”, “Imperial Family”, and “Matterhorn.”  So then why stop at the Madonna Inn?  For starters you can take a trip back in time to, well, maybe your grandmother’s dining room but at a whole new level.  Or check out their wine tasting room.  Or grab a bite at the Bakery & Pastry shop.  But a visit to Madonna Inn isn’t complete without a peek inside… the restroom!  That’s right, if you do anything on your drive up the California coast you have to stop and take a pee break at Madonna Inn.  There’s no urinal here, there’s a waterfall!  Walking up triggers the waterfall to activate so not only does the sound of water rushing help get you going but it cleanses too!

Check out our next blog when Allen will be discussing why we were told to beat it (its a real thriller) and where to find a great combination of nachos, cocktails, and a California coastline view.
To support Robbie & Allen in their quest to be the first LGBT couple to win a national wedding contest, please vote for them here.
To learn more about Robbie & Allen, including photos, videos, and more, go to their website

Make your reservation for North America’s Pride Events 2011

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Gay Pride 2011If your planning to celebrate at any of the upcoming Pride Events, check out gay and gay friendly accommodation on Pink Choice.

March 30 – Dinah Shore Weekend.

April 8 to 17 – Phoenix Pride.

April 9 to 17 – Miami Beach Pride

May 26 to 30 – Pensacola Memorial Day

June 2 to 12 – Washington DC Capital Pride

June 3 to 5 – Kansas City Pride

June 3 to 5 – Austin Pride

June 3 to 5 – Utah Pride Festival

June 4 to 13 – Boston Pride

June 4 to 6 – Detroit Motor City Pride

June 5 to 11 – Indy Pride

June 9 to 11 – Albuquerque Pride

June 10 to 12 – Los Angeles Pride

June 12 to 19 – Providence Pride

June 18 to 20 – Denver Pride

June 18 to 20 – Portland Pride

June 23 to 26 – Seattle Pride

June 23 to 26 – Chicago Pride

June 23 to 26 – New York Pride

June 24 to July 3 – Toronto Pride

June 25 to 27 – San Francisco Pride

June 25 – St Pete’s Pride

June 25 t0 27 – Twin City Pride

July 16 to 18 – San Diego Pride

July 28 to 31 – Vancouver Pride

August 9-14 – Montreal Pride

August 19 to 28 – Charlotte Pride

August 31 to Sept 5 – Southern Decadence New Orleans

Sept 10 – Savannah Pride

Sept 18 – Dallas Pride

October 7 to 10 – Orlando Pride

October 8 to 10 – Atlanta Pride

November 5 to 7 – Palm Springs Pride

Wherever you stay, post a review on Pink Choice for the benefit for other gay and lesbian travelers.

Pink Choice introduces our newest bloggers: Robbie & Allen of!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Robbie and Allen

Robbie & Allen of contacted Pink Choice about their current crusade: to become the first LGBT couple to win a national wedding contest.  We had our doubts at first, but these boys are the real deal!  They’ve entered the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest to enforce the message of marriage equality and have climbed out of the 4,000+ entrants to be in the Top 10, currently in 7th place!  While other LGBT couples have entered, and Pink Choice wishes them all the best, Robbie & Allen have pulled ahead of the pack and are clearly the front runners to represent the LGBT community.  We invite you to read their entry, fall in love with their story (Robbie wasn’t out, had seen Allen online over the years, and finally “winked”!), and place your vote!  Plus, Robbie & Allen will be dishing all the dirt on places to travel in California from their “engagement-moon” to worldwide destinations fit for a honeymoon or vacation.  Help us welcome Robbie & Allen by visiting their website and casting your vote for marriage equality today.

Carnival Heads to Sitges, March 3-9, 2011

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Carnival has to be Sitges’ wildest gay party. Even though it happens in March it is still the hottest party in town!

On the most popular days you will find more than 300,000 party goers dancing on the major streets across the town. It makes the busy months of July and August look positively dead! Gay boys and girls from the 4 corners of the world descend on this little town and party the week away!

Casa Nova Sitges

If you are looking for accommodation, there are any number of choices from hotels and guesthouses to beautiful rental properties such as Casa Nova, a luxurious 400m² Mansion in Sitges on 360 Acres of private land which is a perfect location for continuing festivities with friends during the Sitges Carnival or at any other time of the year. The property offers superb views in a very private location in Sitges National Park, only 10 minutes drive away from the golden beaches.

If you are lucky enough to be part of Sitges’ festivities be sure to tell us about your accommodation experience, once you wind down when you get home!

Toscana Saporita Cooking School for very gay-friendly cooking classes

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The Toscana Saporita Cooking School

We recently had the privilege of spending a week with Sandra Lotti and her team at the Toscana Saporita Cooking School in Tuscany, just north of Pisa, and very close to the mediaeval town of Lucca. We spent each morning for a week producing some of the dishes that have made Tuscan cuisine famous. Under the guidance and exuberance of Sandra, her assistant Anthony, and son Alessio we were guided through the creation of fresh pasta, including multicolored ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, stuffed turkey breast, tiramisu, open apple tarts, gnocchi, creme brulee, and a whole host of other goodies, including the preparation of squid and octopus dishes. After a morning of cooking, what better than to sit down and eat everything we had prepared, washed down with local wines, in the company of our fellow classmates!

Sandra Lotti in one of her cooking classes

Afternoons were spent on guided tours to local places of interested, all included in the week’s fee for the course, and then it was back for a three course dinner, with more local wine and a lot of great conversation and laughter.

The school runs weekly classes, catering for up to 16 people each week from May through October. The week we went we were the only gay couple in the group, but it was not an issue, and Sandra let us know that she favored gay groups as they were more fun!

The Toscana Saporita Cooking School would definitely win a Pink Choice Award if we had a category for cooking!