CaKe-A boutique nightclub experience for women and their friends

If you’re heading to Dublin, as well you might be for the Gay Pride celebrations, June 18-27, and fancy a girl’s night out while you’re there, then CaKe is the place for you. CaKe  happens on the second Friday of every month, and is the boutique  club night for women and their fabulous friends!!

A Gay ol’ Tea Dance at the Academy, Middle Abbey Street

What makes the perfect CaKe? Take a dollop of pop, a pinch of electro, a hint of alternative, and a dab of retro, and leave to dance til late…

CaKe is a night for women and their fabulous friends who want something a little less predictable from their night out.

Pink Choice is looking for  gay hotels in Dublin to list on the site, so please make sure you send us your gay and lesbian hotel reviews if you head to the Irish celebrations or anywhere else in Europe.

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