About Us

Pink Choice was launched in 2006 by Stephen Mascilo and Trevor Pinker. In 1994 they gave up their careers in Britain and moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts where they have owned and operated two successful gay guesthouses. Having been involved in gay hospitality for almost 20 years, they understand the importance of guest feedback, and the opinions of travel writers. However, as gay travelers they were frequently frustrated by the lack of useful information available to them when they were planning their own trips in the USA and abroad. A number of travel sites were available which provided useful information for the straight travel market, but none dealt with the specific needs of gay and lesbian travelers.

Their mission for Pink Choice is for it to be the most reliable, honest and trusted website for gay and lesbian travelers seeking information and reviews about accommodations worldwide. Since its launch in 2006 over 500 global destinations have been added which include more than 2000 accommodation options. At the end of each calendar year, those properties that have provided the very best in guest services, based on their guest reviews and ratings, are eligible to receive one of the annual Pink Choice Awards.

Stephen and Trevor have added the Gay Travel Blog to Pink Choice, to provide a diverse range of topics which are likely to be of interest to gay and lesbian travelers, and which will augment the accommodation ratings and review pages on the site.

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