71% of Gay Travelers Prefer to Stay in Gay Owned and Operated Hotels

Gay TravelOur recent members’ gay travel survey provided some interesting information on the gay travel industry in 2009-2010. Over 500 Pink Choice members participated in the survey. The results shed some light on the health and direction of gay travel in 2010.

The Economy is Impacting Gay Travel

Fifty-six percent of respondents said that the current economy had affected their travel plans and that they would be spending less on travel than in previous years. However, 63% said that they had not needed to shorten their vacations and 54% had already booked their trips for 2010. We concluded that the gay travel market has been impacted by the bad economy but people are still traveling. They may be looking to spend a bit less but as the results show, many are already booked for 2010. With vacation costs factoring heavily in gay travel plans, Pink Choice’s classification of accommodation into four price bands, provides useful guidance for the likely cost of a vacation.

Gay Travelers Prefer Staying in Gay Owned Establishments

Seventy-one percent of respondents preferred to stay in an accommodation that was gay/lesbian owned and operated. That’s not surprising, but over 50% indicated they weren’t bothered one way or the other. We were surprised that over 50% of the respondents said they would be comfortable staying in a non gay owned establishment. It might reflect society’s changing attitudes towards gay and lesbian travelers. Future surveys will examine this question further.

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