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Pink Choice Awards set the standard for gay hotels

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Since its launch in 2006, Pink Choice has become a trusted website for gay and lesbian travelers looking for gay and gay friendly hotels, inns, guesthouses and resorts worldwide. With thousands of guest reviews and hotel ratings under its belt, Pink Choice is able to provide reliable data for members of the LGBT community looking for suitable accommodation options.

The Pink Choice Awards 2011Pink Choice members rate their accommodation experience on the following 10 criteria:

First impressions

This includes the reservation process, either on-line or on the phone, and whether the staff was welcoming and helpful.

Curb Appeal and Location

Was the property well located close to tourist attractions, was the neighborhood safe? Was the property externally attractive?


Was the check-in welcoming and informative with no embarassing questions being asked? Was the staff able to devote sufficient time to answer all the guest’s questions?

Comfort and Cleanliness

Was the bed comfortable, and the bedroom and bathroom well appointed and clean?


During the stay, was the staff friendly, helpful and efficient.


Did the quality of the breakfast or other dining services meet the guest’s expectations?


How were the little personal touches that make all the difference to a guest’s overall experience?

Value for Money

Was the cost of accommodation appropriately priced for what was received?

Each hotel’s accumulated guest ratings are computed along with the number and frequency of reviews in an algorithm that then ranks the hotel against others in each destination. The rankings are dynamic and change every time a new review is posted.

At the end of each calendar year, Pink Choice Awards are presented to those properties that have attained an average guest rating of 95% or higher, in conjunction with a sufficient number and frequency of reviews. Along with its award winners, Pink Choice also classifies other properties as ‘Highly Recommended’, ‘Recommended’, ‘Worth Considering’, ‘Not Recommended’ and ‘The Last Resort’.

With over 4000 hotels listed in more than 500 global destinations Pink Choice is able to provide unbiased information to travelers looking at gay and gay-friendly accommodation options.

The success of Pink Choice is largely the result of the thousands of loyal Pink Choice members who have taken the time to record their experiences on the site. Pink Choice would like to thank all those who have contributed, and to invite new members of the LGBT community to post their own reviews whenever they travel.